PYC005: The Result of Taking Life

by Truth's Last Horizon

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Truth's Last Horizon is a Vegan Straight Edge band from Birmingham, AL.


released April 20, 2015



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Plead Your Case Records Pembroke Pines, Florida

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Track Name: The Horrors Of Ceaseless Killing
For hundreds of thousands of years, the stew in the pot / Has boiled up a resentment that is very hard to level / If you want to know why there are calamities and wars in this world / Just listen to the sounds from a slaughterhouse at midnight
Track Name: Death In The Family
Take a backwards glance / Remember the face / I want to see regret with nothing left to change / To see the muscles twitch as you strain to find an answer / Resign yourself and accept / On that fated day when your flesh becomes the earth / Know that you will never be forgiven / With a guilty conscience on your head be driven into the ground / Knowing you can never atone / Memories come to haunt you / Apparitions congregating / Around your table / Patiently waiting / it's time to show your face / Time to face the music / Give up once more and waste away / Make this earth a better place / Sink into / And in that final hour as you fade into the dirt / Know that you will never be forgiven / Piercing eyes see to your fear through the brave front / Die knowing you can never atone / No forgiveness left to earn / Nowhere left for you to fucking turn / This is the space past your last chance / This is how it has to end / Watch the seconds count down as you fade into the earth / Know that you have not been forgiven / And I will always fucking blame you
Track Name: New Age Natural Selection
I've seen the forked tongues spitting / A sermon for the weak / Excuse the crime away / In a pseudo-scientific haze / Jawline / Canines / Necessity / What a fucking surprise / Gnashing / Biting / Clawing / Tear at the flesh / Strict adherence to Darwinian ideals / Built on the backs of the freshly killed / The jawline / The canines / Your necessity / No surprise / By the bolt gun or by the blade / There's blood on your hands / And you can't shift the blame / For the innocents that you've killed / Burn
Track Name: Gaia's Vengeance
Airways erupting with mucus and blood / Battle to push air through bogged down lungs / Holding on with a gaze of steady kindness / Purity untouched by the swelling and the ulcers / They don't ask for forgiveness / They don't even bat an eye / A cold calloused indifference / That will never be atoned for / Jeremiah please forgive us / Let the evidence travel across the land / Let the guilty be punished for their sin / Let the blood stain every filthy hand / Let the storms tear down our monuments / Let some toxin take hold / I wouldn't even fight / Ensure the huddled masses / Don't survive the night / Wipe all of this blight off of the land / Leave only husks of bone and skin / Jeremiah take revenge
Track Name: A Coward's Anthem
Weak willed generation, treading on the dotted line / Widespread exploitation, a sign of changing times / Unsure motivations, blurry vision and dodgy aim / Throw up our collective hands, shift responsibility / More than an extension of another culture's failures / We can be better than a vent for anger / We can be a counterweight to a fucked up system / As long as we don't give up and quit in the mean time / I want to see you struggle and overcome / You have to choose to be / Sickness nor symptom / In a change of the classes are you servant or master? Or will you shift the paradigm and be something better? / In a reverse of the roles, are you slave or captor? Or will you break the mold and be something better? / In a flip of the switch, are you victim or killer? Or will you rise above it all and be something different? / Speak up / And take back what is yours by right
Track Name: Ignorance Is No Excuse
Another thoughtless day / Pumping life into an industry / Pretty up the packaging / To hide the truth of the decay / Drink the blood / Ignore the signs / Appeal to the nature / Our biology defines / Sharp or dull it's just an excuse / The necessity was always a ruse / Hide the pain with numbers not names / Close your eyes and turn away / Plug your ears / Block out the screams / The fingers are snapped / The life is snuffed out / Could you slit their throats / If you had to do it yourself? / There is no innocence In being complacent / Secondhand murder Is still murder / And you are culpable / Ignorance is no excuse