PYC008: True Colors

by Bind

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released December 11, 2016



all rights reserved


Plead Your Case Records Pembroke Pines, Florida

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Track Name: Absolution
Another victim of your silence,
Now your actions speak as your words.
Tell me how you sleep at night,
Tell me are you satisfied?

Another prey to human violence,
Now I see just what you're hiding..

For those you've crucified on your cross, I'll burn you alive.

Another victim of your silence.
As they plead, you will deny.
Christianity is God's defiance,
As he watched his children die.

Nothing lasts forever, no heaven after this hell.
Nothing lasts forever, we shall burn for what we've done.

I cleanse my hands of this, of the ones you've forced into chains.
There will be judgement and for this we shall be punished.
I cleaned my hands of this, of the lives you've marched into pain.
There will be justice and this is my absolution.

Absolution, liberation.
For those you've sacrificed, I pray for retribution.
I chose to live by a choice. To live and die by this weapon.

Nothing lasts forever, you will burn for what you've done.
Track Name: Judas
You pull the blade out from my back,
A judas to his brother.
As you choke on your words,
Who do you think I am, you stupid mother fucker?

How dare you spit in my face.

As you have walked among me,
You have plot against me.
Have your devotions gone astray?
Has your loyalty been misplaced?

I will see retribution,
Expose you as a traitor.
As I force the nails through your veins,
You will remember this pain.
You will remember my name.

Crucified for all your sins,
Crucified for what you've done to me.

As I force the nails through your god damn veins,
All the prayers in the world won't renounce this pain.
Crucified, born again.
You will suffer at my feet.
Track Name: True Colors
Tell me how much you've changed,
Pissed on our family name.
I hear you talk but now the words you speak mean nothing.

I see the same face with a new jurisdiction.
I hear you speak but your true colors paint the picture.

Cold as the blood in your veins,
Your true colors have faded grey.

What once was words you meant,
Now you're so full of shit.
Day after day as you've crossed the line again.

Where were you when I needed you most?
Choked up on all of your pride, as your true colors have been exposed.

This damage is done, was I not enough?
I chose to deny my own fathers blood.
You're under my skin, I see through your face and how much you've changed.
You've betrayed my trust, abused my love,
As you've chose dope over your wife and son. How much you've changed..

Paint you out of the family portrait.
Crucify you page by page.
Clench my fist & curse this family name.
Track Name: See Through
Conditioned by a nation's lies,
By your politician's compromise.
Have you failed to see the truth?
As you bow your heads underneath their boots?

I see through you, see through the lies.

Another name they carve in stone.
For the blood on your hands, you will atone.
In a kingdom of these murderers,
Your days are numbered.

As you bow your head & pray,
Your God is not listening.
Another kid found lying in the street while you're in a courtroom lying through your teeth.

I see through you, see through the lies.
As you bow your head in silence & pray for his guidance, God is not listening.

Another name they carve in stone.
How could you live with yourself, how could you live with the lies?
Another child to die so young, murder of first degree by the hands of police.

Another name they carve in stone.
Another child to die so young.